Previous Issues

Groundtastic was first published in March 1995 and in those days was a basic photocopied publication that was manually folded and stapled by hand.  The only splash of colour was a coloured paper cover adorned with a stick-on small photo, which was also painstakingly applied by hand.  The original Groundtastic logo, that featured on those early issues, is shown above.

All of the early issues were sold out years ago and the only way of picking up a copy of most of them is when they occasionally appear on eBay.  Vintage copies can change hands at many times the original cover price, with some even making over £100!  Goodness knows what a complete full set would raise.  Those back issues that are still available are shown on the 'Orders' tab.

In 2006 we updated our logo to the one shown below. This was used as the masthead on the magazine until 2019, when it was replaced with the circular badge-style logo.

We are gradually listing the main content on an issue-by-issue basis on the tabs to the left and will eventually comprise a full record of every issue.  We will cover 10 issues per tab, working back from the latest. An index to the first 80 issues has recently been published by Peter Miles. Details can be found on the 'Orders' tab.